Photography & Videography

With over twenty years in the professional photography business, we have a team of dedicated photographers. DigiApps caters for everything from professional photography, videography and business clients that require model or product photography. We have private separate studios and can cater to large and small scale productions. Our studio has professional equipment such as lighting equipment that we use to give the most professional look possible. Our professional photographers are happy to help, whether you need creative advertising, corporate profiles, property, annual reports, time-lapse photography, you name it we can shoot it. All our services are fully customisable, specifically for your requirements. 

Video and recorded materials are becoming a requirement for many businesses to develop. DigiApps produces professional videos and aims to give you professional video production. We do this by putting together simple, professional-looking video packages that open up new markets for your business. We also incorporate our technical expertise with a captive aesthetic sense to provide high-quality videos. Our philosophy is to inject innovation into the creative process whilst working in a fun environment. Our Mission is simple: to facilitate well-crafted, informative and interesting videos for clients, as well as our own independent productions.

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